Seattle in home session

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact this little human recently turned two. I remember when her Mama first told me she was pregnant! This girl has the most amazing garden to wander through, she has recently been learning which berries are edible. We had an easy going session while she enjoyed the garden, read through books, played in her sandbox and jumped on the bed. I got plenty of hugs when we were done with our session, which is always a nice bonus.

Summer Family Session

I adore this family! The girls picked out their own outfits for our time together, each towing along their favorite comfort toy. These two aren’t afraid to get dirty, run around any park and climb trees. They love to skip, jump and play hide n seek, which all made for a fabulous time. Even better, Mom and Dad are equally involved and willing to skip and play hide n seek together as a family. There is no shortage of laughter and love within this family!

Family Session - Seattle Arboretum

This little boy captures so beautifully along with his parents. His smile and curiosity warm my heart. He had a blast running to and from his Mom and Dad, being chased and exploring all the textures of the foliage we found. He also has some obvious excitement over his Mama’s growing belly!

Maddie - PNW Urban dog

First off, let me say how excited I was to have a session of a furry family member. I was beyond stoked for this session. If you don’t know me, you must realize I absolutely love animals (if you saw who my dogs are in my house, you’d know). This dog Maddie is truly one of the sweetest dogs I’ve met as I’ve entered a home. She came right up to me, and makes it clear she’s a huge fan of being pet and enjoys dog cuddles. I’m all for that, I knew we’d hit it off. To make the day even easier, Maddie’s human is one of the kindest individuals I’ve met.

Maddie recently turned 10 on St. Patrick’s day. Funny enough, this sweet girl was given to her Mama by a former student. Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of gifting dogs. But this was obviously a match that was made to be, and unfolded beautifully. Maddie got into the perfect home for herself. In the winter of 2017 Maddie was diagnosed with a tumor that is wrapped around her adrenal glands. Her family was told she only had days, maybe weeks left of her life. Thankfully this girl proved the vets wrong. She has stayed happy and the tumor hasn’t gotten worse. This sweetheart is excited to go for stroll around her neighborhood, and any couch time plus a human touch she can have. She has the best walk which is more like an adorable waddle, that is along with her gleaming eyes and happy dog smile.

In home newborn session

It’s quite beautiful how twenty years goes by, and you reconnect with someone who was just a year below you during your beloved high school photo class. This Mama and I got to see one another this past summer during a celebration of retirement for our photo teacher (Janet Neuhauser, she’s amazing and please check out her work ). It was noticeable that a belly bump was growing, and of course we started chatting about that, and she found out yes I do photograph newborns. My own infertility struggles came up, and she was so warm and welcoming to talk to about that. She was the first person in months that I felt like I could have an actual conversation with about motherhood, even if I wasn’t pregnant. It felt like a fresh breath of air, and I was so excited to photograph her upcoming daughter.

Welcome to the world sweet girl! This little one mostly fed and slept the whole time I was there. She soothes easily, and has her parents so in love. Her Papa was telling her all the things they’re going to do together, it melted my heart. The new Mama was realizing in those moments that she herself is now a Mom. It was truly an emotional and beautiful photo session.

In home family session

To get to see this family adding a second baby into their lives tugged at my heart strings. Cora is so easy going, has the cutest little baby snorts and has highly contagious giggles. Older brother Grant loves to tickle his little sister and is easily amused. We had a lovely afternoon of bed snuggles, feet tickling and some outdoor park time. Capturing images that are real in the moment with little guidance, this family nailed it.


Family Session

If you scroll back, this is the same family that did my Worth the Wait series this past Spring ( I was so excited to see baby Zashta, as he’s now 7.5 months of age! He’s crawling and smiling almost the whole time! He’s adored by everyone who is near him, and the adults in his space can’t help but glow in his presence.

Family Session - Luther Burbank Park

We had a lovely afternoon, without many crowds which was a very pleasant surprise. This family has contagious smiles. I played “red light, green light” with their youngest, which brought out a lot of running, jumping and genuine laughter. Whispers among the family members can bring out the biggest smiles and audible laughter, which always makes for a great weekend session. Plus, how adorable is that red tie!

In home family session

I’m amazed each time I see this family. Their love keeps on growing, as well as their eight year old daughter! I first met this sweet family eight years ago, when they were brand new parents to the sweetest little newborn. They were overjoyed welcoming their daughter into this world, and it’s incredibly sweet to see how much affection this family has for one another. An added bonus, they now have a furry family member!

Engagement Session

I was so stoked to photograph this engagement session. Jill takes great care of my dog and that’s how we met. I knew she was someone special when I saw her attentiveness post care after our dog underwent a major surgery. We quickly hit it off, and our dogs became friends as well. The first time I listened to Jill speak of her fiance, Jim, my heart knew they were an amazing couple. She went on and on about how after seven years, they’re still best friends, how supportive he is and was there for her in all the stress life can bring. He’s also an amazing dog Dad, so I knew we’d hit it off.

We had a blast during our session. I felt like we had our own private island, with ever changing fog and light. It was still, quiet and peaceful. I let these two lovebirds bask in their affection, friendship and enjoy the company of one another. They’re playful, engaged and incredibly in tune with each other. I can’t wait until their wedding later this year!

A growing family - Lake Sawyer

It was so easy to feel the happiness radiating from these expecting parents. It was such a pleasant day to enjoy nature and watch these two (plus the adorable furry family member) soak in the love for one another, and their upcoming baby boy. I’m beyond excited for this family, and I know their little one is going to be showered with love, and grateful feelings that they have him in their arms. I personally can’t wait to see if he’s going to red hair, just like his Mama!

Fall Family Session - Luther Burbank

This family melts my heart, and watching these siblings interact bring out such sweet moments. They play together, hold hands and genuinely enjoy one another. Jennifer and Chris are playful and engaged with their children, and their furry family member is always near.

We were so lucky to have such a beautiful day for their photo session!

A new addition!

Welcome to the world little man, and that makes a family of four! I've been photographing this family since big sister was just a few months of age. Her world is changing so fast, but she's already showing such love towards her little brother. A perfect morning for family cuddles and having an indoor newborn session!