A new addition!

Welcome to the world little man, and that makes a family of four! I've been photographing this family since big sister was just a few months of age. Her world is changing so fast, but she's already showing such love towards her little brother. A perfect morning for family cuddles and having an indoor newborn session!

Fall Family Session - Golden Gardens

It's worth it to get to the beach before it's crowded, which I'll admit isn't that hard when it's November. This family is a gem, and these kids are so much fun! One is enrolled in an outdoor preschool, so she never minded the elements. The older brother has grown so much since I last saw him, and it's hard to believe he's already in kindergarten!

Fall Family Session - Discovery Park

I first met this family a few years ago, when this boy was two. I see them each year before the holiday season, and so far it has always been a day that's really cold and dry. I wish I could have warmed this day up, as it wasn't even 40 degrees. This kid is a trooper and has such warm and loving parents. He's currently on the countdown until Christmas!