Engagement Session

I was so stoked to photograph this engagement session. Jill takes great care of my dog and that’s how we met. I knew she was someone special when I saw her attentiveness post care after our dog underwent a major surgery. We quickly hit it off, and our dogs became friends as well. The first time I listened to Jill speak of her fiance, Jim, my heart knew they were an amazing couple. She went on and on about how after seven years, they’re still best friends, how supportive he is and was there for her in all the stress life can bring. He’s also an amazing dog Dad, so I knew we’d hit it off.

We had a blast during our session. I felt like we had our own private island, with ever changing fog and light. It was still, quiet and peaceful. I let these two lovebirds bask in their affection, friendship and enjoy the company of one another. They’re playful, engaged and incredibly in tune with each other. I can’t wait until their wedding later this year!