Struggling with "unexplained infertility," or any other fertility issue, it's something I never expected to impact me. My husband and I know the struggles that come with infertility. It catches you off guard, but sneaks slowly and deeply into your life. It tests all of our strengths, week after week, month after month and one year into the next. The infertility journey is peaks and valleys like no other. It's isolating, it can cause anger, uncontrollable crying, it can test your relationships, trust and distrust in your own body, perseverance, and will countlessly test your self will.

As overwhelming and devastating as it can be at times, I have found a community within the infertility world. I started this journey in silence and a lot of isolation. While it can still feel like that many days, I feel thankful there are so many resources, classes and groups available. Each of these can offer tremendous support and inspiration. Many of us going through infertility want to break the silence that surrounds it. 1 in 8 couples experience infertility, roughly 12% of women receive some sort of infertility services.

This journey has increased my awareness, and my desire to give back to the infertility community. Going through this with my husband, it's our story in which we are currently walking. We still hope to become parents, and beat infertility. This is the common story of millions of couples. 

Each month, I'm happily giving away one free photo session (newborn to 12 months of age) to someone who has overcome infertility and/or pregnancy loss, or who has just come together with an adoption.

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